Cooking Up Ideas

Watch our Great British Bake Off, move over Masterchef; we’ve got some young people passionate about cooking (and eating!) in our Cooking Up Ideas Clubs.

Cooking Up Ideas club offers young people a fabulous opportunity to learn about different foods and dishes and then the best bit- they get to cook and then eat them! CUI is aimed at young people with disabilities between ages of 8-25 and is great place to learn skills and make some awesome friends! Fundamental to the clubs is being self-sustaining, where possible, by using products sourced from our very own farms!

The Ashford CUI is split into Juniors and Teens and runs every first and third Saturday from our Food with Friends Café. The Faversham CUI is run from the Alexander Center on a Tuesday evening but is currently fully booked! To join the waiting list email

Ashford’s Sizzling Start

Ashford CUI started the term by cooking ‘Mexican Chicken with Rice’ followed by ‘Cinnamon Nachos’! Each of the young people had recipes to follow and learned the important lesson of which boards and knives to use when in a kitchen. We also taught them about the different parts of a chicken. Where we needed to we helped the young people to cut the ingredients.

When adding ingredients into the pan one young person said: “I feel like a chef.”

They all washed and dried up. Cleared the tables and swept the floor and we went on to make Cinnamon Nachos. Most of the young people weren’t very sure about them, as spreading butter onto wraps and covering them in cinnamon sugar isn’t very appetising or looks very nice. However they all loved them and one new YP said “I want to make these at home.”  

Well done Beckie & Denise! What a great start to the term – even the cuddly turtle got involved! The turtle was one of our young peoples class mascots and they had got to keep it for the weekend – what a great tale the turtle would have to tell when returning to school!

A sMashing Time in Faversham

The fun doesn’t stop there! Cooking Up Ideas Faversham has started up again too! Instead of lunch, this club gets to meet up in the early evening and make dinner together. Everyone gets to play a part in bringing the whole meal together. In the same way as the Ashford CUI, the young people get to learn about the food they are making, it’s nutritional value and the different ways to work with it. This week we made a chicken and bacon pie with mash and vegetables. This was followed by a traditional Kentish pudding which the young people found out originates from the Isle of Sheppey! Gypsy Tart topped with ice cream! Sounds wonderful – Debs & Zac, I’m coming over for dinner at CUI next week!!

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