Joining Our Team

Term has officially started and all six sites are at work meeting new pupils, setting up new ways of working and we are saying hello to new members of the team.

Let us introduce you to our new members of staff!

  • Victoria who is based at the Walled Garden as lead TA & SENCO
  • Jo also at the Walled Garden teaching Creative Crafts & Functional Skills
  • Sophie teaching Creative Crafts at our newest venue ‘The Mill Skatepark’
  • Helen who is our new Food with Friends CafĂ© manager
  • Ben only with us for a short while but storming ahead with helping us to advance our youth provision.
  • Tracy our new progressions & employability lead; helping to implement career pathways for our Craftworks Students
  • Maria & Jewel our wonderful new members of the admin team who are building up our resources and doing the important job of inputing all our data

Come and join our team

We have a number of positions still available and are especially needing to fill our Pruning Time Gardening position here

picture of grass in a garden covered by a yellow square with the words 'gardener wanted!' written on it

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