It’s a Bugs Life!

Rainy days and mondays

What do you do when your plans have to change? Our Monday night youth club know exactly what to do, to stop them getting down! They get creative.

Blame it on the weatherman

Last week the team at our Monday Youth Club for young people with disabilities had a ‘Bug Hunt’ planned. The only problem was, last Monday, the rains came, and they came in a big way!

Crafty Creepers

if we can’t go out and find bugs, we will make some ourselves!

Manic Monday Youth Club

The team were not put off! Instead, the group got creative and came up with their own crafty creepers. Isn’t it amazing what different ideas have come from a paper plate. These creative solutions are wonderful! We especially like the cheeky caterpillar, what bright colours. Well done to all who created these fabulous crawlers. We think you are great!

paper plates made into creepy crawlers

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