Successful Team Meeting for Brogdale

On Friday the whole Brogdale Team meet for a day of learning, team building and a chance to chat to other members of staff working on the different areas of the Brogdale CIC. We currently have 7 sites; Brogdale Farm, Faversham, The walled garden, Faversham, West Faversham Community Centre, Culnells Farm, Iwade, Muddy Wellies Farm, Ashford and the Food with Friends Cafe at the Gateway + in Ashford. It isn’t often that the whole team meet up, so Friday proved to be really animated, interesting and lots of fun and we are hoping to get together more often.

The morning started with the team looking at data protection and the more formal statutory side of running youth programmes.  Everybody found this helpful and renewed Brogdale’s enthusiasm for providing first-class opportunities for disabled young people and adults with learning disabilities.
After lunch the staff met Sandie Peters from a wonderful commissioned service called – Kooth.
Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being support service for children and young people up to age 16. It is available free in Swale and Shepway and has just been rolled out in Ashford. As an early intervention solution, Kooth helps to reduce waiting times for young people seeking help while removing the stigma associated with accessing mental health support.  All the staff thought this was a wonderful service and would be passing on the information to our young people.

We also have some amazing singers in the Brogdale team and three of them, Craig, Josh and Louise adapted a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas replacing what was traditionally given to things that Brogdale CIC administrator, Amy needed on a weekly basis, timesheets, attendance sheets etc.  The fun activity highlighted the importance of making sure that the admin was kept up to date as well as the exceptional day-to-day delivery.  For full details, go to our Club page.

The remainder of the afternoon concentrated on marketing the wonderful clubs and education programmes that we run. Each member of the team had 30 seconds to explain the highlights of their club and then move on, a little like speed dating.  The afternoon concluded with a round-up where everybody agreed that Brogdale CIC is a great place to work and that everyone is proud of what we do.


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