Abbey School, Faversham – Peer Mentoring Training

Louise the Mentoring Trainer has been working with The Abbey School in Faversham over the past few weeks.  As part of the Swale Youth service, Louise has been given funding to work with young people to teach them new peer mentoring skills. The pupils from the school have done two full days of training, first with a group of year 12 IB students and then with Year 9. All were excellent and she looking forward to meeting up with them again to help them progress. The school are even considering a second year 9 training day:

Below are some quotes from the Year 9 students that took part:

Amelia said “The training today has opened my mind to understand how I can help others. I have a confidence now to discuss issues with my peers
Emily said “Its been a great day and I understand the importance of peer mentoring in our school. I’m looking forward to mentoring students
Hallie said “I found the day inspiring. It was a fun day and it’s made me feel I can help others if they have a problem
In total Brogdale CIC via Swale Youth worked with 16 year 12’s and 13 year 9’s.  Louise, who specialises in Peer Mentoring Programmes, felt that even in a single day, the pupils grow in their understanding of emotions and adolescence as well as picking up some essential tools to equip them to be excellent peer mentors. Some of the year 12’s approach her as soon as it ended with their own ideas of how they could do mentoring and some of the year 9’s waited behind to thank her for giving them confidence which was really encouraging.
There are many benefits of being a Peer Mentor which include; improving communication and personal skills, developing leadership qualities, encourages motivation, increases friendships and most important being a Peer Mentor gives students a sense of fulfilment and personal growth.
If you would like more information about accessing this training, please contact:

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