Summer Fun

During the summer, Muddy Wellies held summer activities based on four themes: Art attack, Bush Trials, Sportathon and Harvest. We were joined by local young people who participated in a range of activities throughout the day.
On Sportathon Friday we set up a battleship challenge while we got to know each other, then we completed some important farm activities such as watering all four poly-tunnels and feeding the chickens. We also collected a bumper yield of eggs. Then we all practiced our tennis skills before playing a game. We think we may have found the Ashford’s answer to Andy Murrey. After a well deserved lunch, we introduced Archery skills to our guests. Once they could shoot safely we set them some challenges; shooting for distance, shooting for accuracy, shooting though a hoop and shooting each other. Don’t worry, everyone went home in one piece – these were foam tipped arrows – so we’ll be able to have our new friends back again next year.
On Bush Trials Tuesday we played indoor games while it rained but as soon as it stopped we were outside with our young participants. First we set up the ‘Muddy Wellies is lava’ challenge. Everyone had to work together to cross the lava, moving from one log to another, using the planks. If you fell off, you get burned up and had to start again. I am happy to say that, after a few practice attempts, all our participants made it across to safety. This meant that we could we were able to explore the farm and pick a large selection of Muddy Wellies’ fruit and vegetables. Everyone got to try something new, such as cucamelon and red berries. We made tea too; fruit tea and mint tea and we finished off by seeing who would taste the yummy worms, crickets and more. After all that my jam sandwiches just didn’t seem so exciting any more!

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