So how did you spend your snowy Friday last week??

Well our friends from Green Park Primary, who are now half way through their Bridging a Gap programme, decided to go exploring in the woods. Jessica was in charge of the radio and kept us in contact with base camp while we were off-sight.

Then they built a family of snow people  and as you can see Abbie was working hard to roll a giant snowball for one of the bodies.

Then Kiera started a snowball fight – but it wasn’t really a fight, just lots of fun. But a word of caution, snowballs down the back are freezing and take ages to melt away!

Well after all that everyone was pretty tired out so the pupils helped to boil up some water in the Kelly Kettle and we all enjoyed some fruit tea which was so popular that everyone asked to take a second teabag home to show their parents their new favourite drink.

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