Arts & Lego club

It was a month of February ‘fun days’ at our weekly Ashford Youth Club. Tables were piled with Lego as usual, the kids (and adults) all had great fun building and creating. The favorites were the amazing Lego boats, which they – despite lack of sea raced around and around the room.

As February the 14th approached, we became all doey eyed, making Valentines hearts, for those we love and cherish, succeeding in broadening smiles of doting parents.

Our soft-play area was ever popular, comprising of its many colourful lights and bouncy objects.

We welcomed a special rendition of ‘Yellow Submarine’ sung by John, now christened John the music man (he comes from far away haha) with all the kids joining in the room was truly filled with retro hits of ‘The Beatles’ finest.

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