Muddy Wellies

This month the Muddy Wellies farm has been keeping us as busy as ever, occupying us with the many jobs and necessary duties Spring brings. Our excellent team of young and budding landscapers have been working hard with the ongoing task of filling the extensive, maze like pathways, with our own self-resourced bark chippings (which the young people shredded perfectly themselves).
They have also been neatly mulching the soil, rejuvenating it as they go. The new extra on-site toilet facilities (very useful when fit to bursting!) have been given ‘high fashion’ eco makeovers, covered with again, self-resourced branches, twigs and insulated with hay-barrels, making them unrecognizable and “ever so chic dahhhling!”
Spring also beckons the beginning of Summer fruit and veg, ours is happily growing ready to be harvested in the 3 poly-tunnels. We have recently uprooted a scrumptious mass of leafy green lettuce, which is already being enjoyed by the customers of our ‘Food with Friends cafe’, of which we supply various, tasty ingredients.

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