Creating Buildings out of biscuits

It became unconventional architect day at our annual end of term event on February the 19th at West Faversham Community Centre. With our youth group all getting stuck into the task of – wait for it- constructing and building the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben out of biscuits (yes that’s right – BISCUITS). Safety jackets and hard hats worn, obviously, our team checked the blue prints (googles finest). They gathered their array of necessary equipment, naturally comprising of bricks (a large assortment of various biscuits) plaster and render (tubs of icing) and nuts, bolts and final decorative touches (chocolate fingers, strawberry laces and other delicious sweeties). They successfully completed, mouth watering renditions of the 2 famous landmarks, that can now be seen on display at our Food With Friends Cafe in Ashford town center.

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