Youthy Youth Club

The Youth Clubs are usually held at the West Faversham Community Centre.

We have between 5 to 20 young people attend each week and is a great place to have fun and meet new friends from your area.  One of the best things we do is to get involved in community activities, whether thats helping clean up the area, entering local competitions or getting involved in the town carnival.  When we asked our club members what they enjoy most they all thought that learning new skills was really important, so we talk about money and personal safety.  Then there is all the really good fun stuff, arts, dance, group games like volleyball and tag rugby.  We spend time debating issues if something has happened in the news or looking at better ways of dealing with some of the BIG Stuff… Confidence is important and we encourage our young people to believe in themselves and to gain self esteem. We are a brilliant little family which has plenty of space for more people whom the area.

So pop along to have fun, hangout and meet friends. We have a number of activities from playing video games, building lego, DVD nights to 10-pin bowling among a host of other activities.

YYC (Youthy Youth Club) have a whole range of trips & activities over the summer.

Youthy Youth Club Activities

Arts and Crafts

Get crafty and creative

Disability Support

Support for those with disabilities

Fun and Games

Enjoy yourself with fun and games


Starting building with lego

West Faversham Community Centre
Bysing Wood Rd
ME13 7RH


"I like it when we play games and the youth workers join in"