Growing for the Future

The Saturday gardening club meets from 10am – 1pm on the first three Saturdays of the month at Brogdale Farm. 

The young people learn the whole process of seed to harvest growing and of course the club is a good social scene too!  Each year the group works alongside our adults to plan, grow and deliver a garden for the Kent County Show and each year they have won Gold.

The 2011 garden was visited by HRH the Duke of Kent and the 2012 by John Craven from Countryfile.  In 2013 the garden shown was judged to be 1 point less than Hadlow College’s garden. This was a fantastic outcome for our students who are not professionals or at a horticulture college!

Growing for the Future Activities


Learn valuable life skills to help in the future

Grow your own

Grow your own fruit and vegetables


Learn how to cook to help you in the future

Life Skills

Learn something that will last you a lifetime

Disability Support

Support for those with disabilities

Fresh Produce

Find out more about produce that is best for you!

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